Why you need to learn 7 essential skills for a fulfilling life

This article is part of our series on life skills that are essential for a thriving life.

Read moreShare this articleIn a country where almost every Indian child is enrolled in primary schools, it’s important to ensure that kids are educated in the fundamentals of life and not to neglect the basics such as nutrition, hygiene and the like.

In fact, the government of India has set out a goal of ensuring every child is educated on basic skills, life skills and nutrition.

The government has also set out three primary skills in which children should get an early start: learning, reading and writing.

There are several national and international organisations which have set up literacy programmes to help kids in India achieve this aim.

The first of these is the National Literacy Programme, which is set up in collaboration with the government.

The National Literate Programme is a partnership between the government, non-profit organisations and NGOs.

The programme aims to give primary school students the opportunity to learn basic literacy skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

According to the NLP, more than 90% of India’s literacy students fail to attain an academic degree within five years of the completion of the programme.

The NLP also offers a curriculum for teachers and primary school children, which aims to prepare them to be proficient writers and readers.

For example, a teacher can help a child with writing or reading by helping them identify the correct word, the proper form of a word and how to spell it.

The programme also includes a reading component, and teachers can also help students in reading and language development.

These are all areas where teachers can improve literacy skills.

The government of Tamil Nadu, one of the largest states in India, has also created a national literacy programme, known as the Tamil Literate and Enriched Programme.

The scheme aims to ensure literacy levels in primary school and college students across the country by 2020.

The Government of India says that this scheme will help in increasing the literacy rate across the nation.

According the Nlp, literacy in the country is now at 97%, which is a huge achievement given that the rate is lower in some states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

This is the reason why the government is pushing for the introduction of a National Literative Assessment (NLA) system to ensure the literacy levels of all children are at a high level.

According a study done by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSEE), a non-governmental organisation, the literacy rates of children aged between six and 11 in states such the Uttar Pradesh are not even a quarter of those in states like Bihar, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

The literacy rate in states that have passed the NLA include Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

In states that haven’t passed the system, like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu has the highest literacy rates.

The report points out that there are some states that are lower than these states in literacy, and in some cases, even higher.

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