Which Canadian cities offer the best life skills?

In a survey of more than 500 people across the country, a Globe and Mail reader survey ranked the top 10 Canadian cities in terms of the life skills they offer their residents.

The list was compiled using a ranking system based on the number of years of experience of each of the city’s residents and their overall ranking in the country.

Toronto ranked No. 1, followed by Montreal at No. 2 and Vancouver at No 1.

The rankings were based on five categories: education, health, employment, social support and recreation.

Among the top ten most competitive cities, three are located in Ontario.

Ottawa ranked second, followed closely by London, Toronto and Montreal.

While London was the top Canadian city for the second year in a row, Toronto’s success comes down to its ability to provide high-quality and affordable housing.

Toronto has one of the best job markets in Canada, according to a report from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

But for residents of the Greater Toronto Area, that success can be a challenge.

Toronto is known for its housing market, and many of the country’s largest cities, including Vancouver and Montreal, have housing prices that are among the highest in North America.

But Toronto residents are also struggling with a lack of affordable housing options, especially in their city’s outer suburbs.

According to a Globe analysis of data from census data, Toronto has the lowest proportion of homes in need of replacement, while Toronto’s inner suburbs have the highest proportion of residents who need to live on the same income.

And in many areas, those who live in the outer suburbs are also more likely to be single parents.

Toronto’s city councillor, Mike Layton, said that many people are living in the city because they don’t have options, and that they can’t afford to live in Toronto.

“It’s not that we don’t want people to live here.

It’s just that we’re not making it easy for people to move,” he said.

Toronto also ranked among the most affordable cities in the world, with an average house price of $1.5 million, according in the Globe analysis.

And while the city is one of Canada’s most livable cities, it ranked just 50th for affordability, according the study.

The affordability ranking comes as housing markets in major Canadian cities are expected to start to tighten.

A report from real estate firm Trulia found that prices are likely to drop across Canada, especially for homes in the most expensive areas.

Toronto residents were ranked second in the United States for the fourth year in one row, while prices in Montreal were fourth.

“The number one concern that I’ve had about Toronto’s affordability is the lack of housing stock in the inner suburbs, which is a concern for many,” said David Saretsky, senior vice-president and chief economist at Trulia.

“If you’re living in Toronto and you don’t know anyone, then you’re probably living in an unaffordable market.

It makes sense to keep that in mind, because you don, too, if you don)t have a job, a home or a place to live.”

While the overall ranking was based on a single metric, the survey included a number of other indicators.

The data also included a survey that asked residents to rate their confidence in their jobs, health and community.

“We’ve seen that many residents of Toronto have difficulty making ends meet, especially as prices are rising,” said Saretsky.

“I don’t think it’s surprising that many are moving out of the inner city.”

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