When your life skills aren’t enough to prepare you for college

The first step toward completing your degree is to have the basics right.

Life skills, for example, are a good place to start, says Mark Houghton, an assistant professor at University of Maryland’s College Park School of Business.

“They are skills that can help you in a variety of different ways in life,” he says.

Life-skills programs are a popular option for students with limited English skills.

But you can also find them at community colleges, for free, or in part-time programs for low-income students.

You can learn life skills at a very early age, and you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to begin working on them.

“You don’t have to have a bachelor degree,” says Jennifer Haney, who directs the life skills center at the University of Minnesota’s Kellogg School of Management.

You just need to have enough life skills to start learning them.

Haney’s center provides free, part-day life skills classes to low- and middle-income community college students.

Houghts program is a small group of students who come to the center for free to start working on their English skills, or to learn how to work with an ESL teacher, which is a different skill.

“If you’re interested in getting a degree, you’re going to have to do a lot of work to get there,” Houghons co-director says.

“This is not a quick path.”

There are other steps.

Hays’ program also includes classes for people who don’t speak English and for adults with limited proficiency in the language.

If you don, there are other opportunities to get started.

Himes’ program, for instance, is designed to teach English in a way that people with limited ability can learn.

For a free class, the students work with a tutor who helps them learn English.

“The main focus of the class is to introduce the person who has limited English ability to the English language,” Himes says.

Hints and tips The first steps of learning to speak a foreign language are crucial.

“When you start learning a foreign tongue, you don

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