Trump’s new ‘life skills village’ to be named after the town in India where he grew up

Trump announced Thursday that he would create a “life skills community” in his hometown of Indian town of Gurugram, named after his father, a lifelong farmer who died of pneumonia in 1943.

“The Gurugrams is where I grew up,” Trump said in a statement.

“When I was in India, I always told my friends and family to visit the Gurugambs.

I would always tell them to stop by and visit.

They always thought it was a great idea, but when I got here, I found out the truth.

I can’t believe that the village of Gurag, which is a great place to live, had a president who was born and raised there,” Trump added.

Trump said that Gurug Ramamurthy had “one of the most important jobs” in India: he is a “father figure” for the city of Gurdu, which has been rocked by riots after the death of an elderly man.

Trump’s decision to name GurugRamamurthys “Life Skills Village” comes after Trump’s wife Melania visited Gurugaran in May.

The couple were joined by two other women who also worked for Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

In a joint statement released on Twitter Thursday, the three women, all of whom worked for the Trump Organization, thanked Trump for “recognizing that India has a rich heritage and tradition in many fields.”

They also thanked Trump “for his continued support of our nation in its quest for economic development and opportunity for all.”

“Gurugram was a place of great pride and honor, a community of courage and strength,” the statement said.

“Our community is a strong and vibrant community of immigrants from India who have made Gurugarhi their home.

We will continue to support our community and their efforts to be more prosperous.”

Trump has called for a “global revival” of Gurugu and Gurugas “magnificent” culture, and recently praised the village’s economy.

The new “life skill village” will have “an unparalleled opportunity to help young people and students develop their skills, skills that are now widely practiced around the world,” the president said.

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