The ‘life skills’ school that could teach kids how to be adults

An education program at a high school in Georgia could help students develop life skills as adults.

Life Skills Academy is an initiative that uses classroom instruction and online learning to provide high school students with life skills and self-esteem.

In April, Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal signed the bill into law.

The initiative provides the funds for the program.

The bill also allows teachers to use the money for life skills.

The program’s website has a goal of teaching students to “reclaim and restore their lives and personal integrity.”

Students are encouraged to get active, work to improve their personal hygiene and to improve social skills, according to the program’s goal.

The project’s website explains that students learn by performing actions to create positive changes in their lives.

The website also includes the phrase, “To achieve the greatest possible change in the lives of others, students must focus on living life authentically and in an authentic way.”

The program also includes a variety of activities that focus on teaching students about health, health and social issues.

According to the website, the goal of the program is to: “Increase awareness about chronic illnesses, the importance of being healthy and to understand the connections between these issues and health and well-being.”

Students must also be able to learn about social and emotional skills, including empathy and acceptance.

The goal is to teach students to identify the problems in their families and to work to fix them.

“I want my students to have a positive outlook on their lives, their family’s lives, the way they relate to others,” said Amy Smith, an elementary school teacher at The Hill High School in Atlanta.

“The positive outlook means that they understand that they have the potential to do something positive for themselves and their family.”

In the school’s online course, students learn about a variety to be able the to become successful adults, including: being able to work in a team and make decisions

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