‘I’m a person of many interests’: Trump on the importance of ‘life skills’

President Donald Trump is making the case for his administration to take a more life-focused approach to learning, telling students on the “life skills” class that they need to be willing to put in the hours to become better people.

The president said the class will help students develop their social skills, “take responsibility for their own lives, and build their character.”

The president told students during the event that he is “the only president that has a great education system, because we have this great teacher system.”

The speech, which was delivered Tuesday morning at the White House, comes at a time when students across the country are expressing their frustration with the lack of attention given to students’ social skills.

The “Life Skills” class is one of several initiatives being introduced by the White Houses Office of Student Engagement and Engagement.

In the past, the president has pushed for the creation of more social-skills programs for students.

But Trump is pushing for the “Life Skill” class to be more broadly designed.

The administration has been trying to create a “social-skill” program that would allow students to take classes online and then have those lessons translated into a video or audio course.

The Office of Career and Technical Education, which is in charge of this effort, announced last month that it will launch a pilot program to test the concept out on students.

The program will allow students with “limited English proficiency” to take the online courses in an attempt to get more of a feel for how the technology might impact their social and professional lives.

In addition to Trump’s speech, the Office of Strategic Initiatives, which oversees the Office for American Innovation, is also trying to test out the idea.

The White House said it would work with the Office to “evaluate and evaluate how the “Living Skills” program can serve as a learning tool to improve our nation’s educational system and our communities.”

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