‘I’m a Muslim’

An Islamic high school student in North Carolina is planning to become a doctor after graduating from college.

Nihad Awad has a degree in sociology and has been studying in the United States since her first semester at Al-Aqsa University in Jerusalem.

“I had no clue about the hijab,” she told The Hindu.

“I didn’t even know how to put it on.

I was still nervous.

But after two weeks I realized that I could do it.”

After graduation, I was looking for jobs.

I wanted to do something, so I started a blog to show people what I was doing and how I’m doing it.

I started working as a social worker, but after a couple of months I realised that I wanted a career.””

It has helped me to build a network of friends.

I started working as a social worker, but after a couple of months I realised that I wanted a career.”

Now I’m working as an assistant to a teacher.

I’m also going to school for the first time.

“In addition to her job as a teacher, Awad also plans to start her own business.”

It’s something I want to pursue and I hope I can start my own business,” she said, adding that she wants to create a better experience for students.”

Being Muslim is my identity and I want my students to have that identity.

“While she said she’s not a religious person, she feels her religion is an important part of who she is.”

Islam is the religion of peace.

Islam is not a religion of war, and we should be fighting for peace,” she explained.”

My faith has made me a better person.

“Award-winning actress and singer Aasim Qureshi, who has also worked as an actor and singer, shared her thoughts on her Muslim identity.”

People will be surprised to learn that I’m a Sikh.

When I’m on stage, I make sure to be very careful to not speak too much.

I feel very proud to be a Sikh,” Quresi said.”

And I feel like I have a spiritual life.

I believe that my spirit is very strong.

It’s a very strong spirit, so when I’m in a good mood, I think it’s the best.

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