How to teach life skills to kids in Glasgow

Students can teach themselves how to build their own mini skatepark by building their own skateboard from Lego.

In a series of videos uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, the Scottish students can demonstrate how to design a mini skate park from Lego parts.

The group then demonstrates how to use the Lego parts to build a mini skater, a mini rollercoaster, and a miniature snowman, among other things.

In one video, a student describes building a snowman by putting the parts together using the Lego bricks to build the snowman.

In another video, the students show how to take parts from a Lego bike and place them in a miniature skateboard.

“What is the best way to learn how to make Lego bricks and how to add Lego parts together?

This is how,” the video’s caption reads.”

So that’s my first question to the group: What would you like to learn about?

And my second question to you is: What do you want to learn from me?”

The group has since uploaded several more videos to YouTube, including one titled “What do you learn from us?”

The videos are accompanied by Lego-themed stickers.

The Lego video series, which was created in 2013, has gained attention for its quirky nature.

In the series, the Lego students construct their own Lego pieces from Lego blocks.

They also show how they can make Lego Lego toys, build LEGO sets, and build Lego characters.

Lego has been known to host educational programs, but the Lego group has never been on television.

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