How to learn to be a free life artist, a new book says

By BOBBY JOHNSON, Associated Press • A new book has come out claiming that if you can learn to “live like a free human,” it can transform your life.

It is called Free Life Skills: A Guide for Living Like a Free Human, by Robert and Joanna Bowers.

The duo says they learned that by playing in their own backyard for a year.

They published the book this month on Amazon.

“Free Life Skills is an easy, step-by-step guide that will guide you through life’s journey like a professional life coach,” the authors wrote.

“This book can help you discover the strengths, weaknesses, and successes that will make your life the best possible.”

A copy of the book is available at the publisher’s website.

Free Life Skill includes the following: “Free the mind and heart” — to help you relax and live in the moment, as well as to allow you to connect with your creative process and be more creative.

“The gift of free will” — a way to find out if you’re being influenced by others.

“Life is too short to be controlled by anything” — an insight to how to live your life in an environment where you can freely experience and influence the world around you.

“A true gift of self-love” — “It’s time to stop worrying about who you are and live your best life.”

“A great tool for life coach” — it helps you learn how to be better at your job and better at life, too.

It also teaches you how to take action when things don’t go your way.

“An essential tool for free living” — if you live in an apartment or condo and don’t have the money to buy your own home, the book will show you how.

“It will teach you how it is to live like a life coach.”

Free Life skill sheet for a lifeguard.

(Robert and Joana Bowers)The Bowerss say they are offering free copies of their book to people who can’t afford a copy.

“It’s an important message for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet,” Joanna said.

“If you’ve got the money, it’s an incredible way to start.”

They are also offering a $1,500 donation for anyone willing to donate to the book.

“We don’t want people to get discouraged by the fact that it’s just a book.

We want them to realize that it really is life skills,” Joana said.

Joanna and Robert hope that the book can be a gateway to a more fulfilling life.

“I think that by learning from them and getting the insights from them, it can open your eyes to life’s challenges,” Joann said.

Free lives have been around since the dawn of humanity, but they are rarely taught in schools.

“What we really need is a life guide,” Robert said.

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