How to get a job in tech without being a computer geek

If you’re interested in a career in tech, you need to know how to get started.

That’s because many employers want to know what you know before you interview.

Here’s a list of some of the most common things that companies ask about applicants when they apply for a job: 1.

Name of job you’re applying for: How long are you going to be with the company?

What position do you have?

How long have you been at the company and how long have they been with you?


What do you do best?

What are your passions?

How often do you use social media?

What is your favorite type of music?


What are you most passionate about?

What kind of skills do you value the most?


What experience do you want?

Are you looking for someone who is already proficient in some of these skills?


What type of experience do they have?

Are they looking for a career change?

Are your previous jobs in tech just as important as your current job?


What would you like to do when you retire?

What experience did you get?


What does the company do?

Is it hiring for the senior management?

Do they have any senior leaders?


What company culture do you feel comfortable with?

Are there any rules about the way you work?

What would be an acceptable way for people to interact with you, if you were to meet them in person?


What kind (if any) of technology do you enjoy?

Do you have a particular skill or a specific skill that you are passionate about.


What is the company’s culture?

Is there a specific type of culture that people work in?


What time of day do you work most?

What time is your lunch break?


What’s the most popular activity that you enjoy playing video games?


What kinds of products or services do you prefer?

What’s your favorite genre?


What other hobbies do you like?

What hobbies do other people like playing video?


What hobbies have you not played?

Do people prefer to play with you in a different genre?

What kinds do you play?


What activities do you love to do in your spare time?

What activities are you looking forward to doing?


What games are you currently playing?

Are those games on consoles or handheld?


What software do you currently use?

Which ones are free and what are paid?


What skills do people prefer?

Are these skills related to the job or something else?


What age do you think you will be when you start your career?


What year do you expect to start?

What type or type of jobs are you interested in?


What types of skills would you consider your strongest?


What skill do you wish you had that you would have had when you were younger?


What language do you speak?

How well do you know it?


Do you want to get involved in some kind of group or social activity?

How many people are involved?


Are there friends or family members who you want you to meet?

Are friends or families interested in your interest?


What social group do you belong to?

Is your interest related to another group?


Do people want to hang out with you more than you want them to?

Are people interested in meeting you?

Are members of your social group interested in hanging out with each other?


Do most people who work at the same company like each other or dislike each other more than others?

Are most of your co-workers friends or coworkers?


What about your job titles?

How much do they change over time?


What job titles are you in?

How are you judged by your coworkers?


What titles do you hold?

Do the titles matter?

What job title is most closely associated with your job?


How long do you usually work?

How would you describe your work environment?


Do your coworkers make a lot of money?

Do most of them earn a lot?


Do all of your coworkers work from home or are you one of the few who work from your office?

Do all your co and coworkers work remotely?

Do your co, co’s and coworkers do their work from their own computers?


What happens if you leave a job?

How can you avoid getting fired?


How would your company be able to track your work and if so, how would you be compensated?


Are you willing to work from a remote location?

If so, why?


Do employers pay you for your work?

If not, why not?


What will you be working on during your internship?


How much does a summer internship cost?


Are the prices listed on accurate?

If yes, why are they inaccurate?


Are internships advertised on your resume? Are any

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