How to deal with your family’s death threats: 4 life skills

A mother has posted on Facebook a warning to her four children, including her son, that they should be “careful” and “respectful” of her and their family, because they are the “only ones that can make it”.

Ms Alain Vassallier was one of the first people to report her son’s death after a woman, whom he had not seen in a year, sent him a message claiming he had been shot and killed in the head with a .22 calibre bullet.

In the message, the woman said her son was not her son and he would not forgive her for “killing him”.

“I just can’t take it anymore,” Ms Vassalier said.

“I want them to be respectful of me and to know that my son is alive.

Ms Vasalier posted the message on Facebook, along with the name of her son. “

The only ones that could make it to his head and kill him are me and my family.”

Ms Vasalier posted the message on Facebook, along with the name of her son.

She wrote: “They can’t make me live anymore and they will never make me happy.”

“I am so tired.

I just want them all to be careful and respectful of the way I live and work,” she said.

The woman said she had been stalking her son for a year and believed he was “trying to kill himself”.

She said she would kill her own son if she had to.

“If I have to, I’m going to kill myself.”

“He is my only son.

My husband is also dead,” Ms Alas said.

The woman had also told her children that she was going to murder their father, who she believed was her boyfriend.

Ms Vassellier said she was devastated by the threat and she would not be returning to the house where her son lived.

“I will not go back there,” she told the ABC.

Police have not released the woman’s name.

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